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Industrial Special Risk Insurance

To help maintain your business and good reputation, you need insurance that is specifically tailored to shield your type of business and the sorts of risks you face.

Industrial Special Risks Insurance (ISR) protects companies against losses involving assets and business interruption arising from physical loss of or damage to property used in the business. It is designed for medium to large organisations with comprehensive operations and combined asset values of more than $3 million for Material Damage and Business Interruption.

An Industrial Special Risks Insurance policy has a broad policy wording, which means cover is not limited to selected risks. Instead, you are protected against most losses and damages except for exclusions noted in the policy. There are usually a number of sub-limits and these can be tailored to suit your business.

Often an Industrial Special Risks Policy will be accompanied by a stand-alone or Corporate Liability Insurance to further protect your business, providing cover for personal Injury, Property Damage and/or Advertising Liability claims made against the business by a Third Party.